[VIDEO] “Carry the Water” in Billabong commercial for Pipe Masters surf competition in Hawaii more here.

[VIDEO] “Terence McKenna” used by TreeSpeed Photography.

[OPEN AIR] Streaming in-studio performance via Colorado Public Radio.

[SOUND OF THE DAY.] “A modern-day indie rock fairy tale.”  { Read the full article via NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION (GERMANY) }

[SBWR.] “E/E have put their dark and dreamy stamp on it...”  { Listen to “Cry” via SOUNDS BETTER WITH REVERB) }

[BEST OF 2013] “Their debut album is a gorgeous treatment of shoegaze, 4AD and myriad other sounds that pull together an ethereal web of explorations. Worth endless revisits, Home Address For Civil War is an amazing statement of purpose and one well suited for future releases.”  { Read the full article via WQFS/Josh Neas}

[NBHAP] “... A critical mass of all of the millions of tiny apocalypses...”  { Read the full interview via NBHAP }

[VIDEO] “Terence McKenna” used by Fox Head Racing.

[REVIEW] “Of all the musical styles currently trending, “nu gaze” is one of the most interesting. Young bands are taking their music farther and getting weirder. The results are transfixing. On Home Address for Civil War, Eros and the Eschaton prove to be one of the most exciting and progressive forgoers in this new revolution in sound.”  { Read the full article via Fabricoh Magazine }

[home recording.] “Eventually the family moved to Greensboro, N.C. where they assembled a do-it-yourself studio and began recording singles. Bar/None Records picked up what the band was doing, which led to the release of the bands’ debut album, “Home Address For Civil War.”  { Read the full article via THE DAILY EGYPTIAN [Carbondale, Illinois] }

[On living at Wal-Mart...] “‘It was not a very legitimate camping experience,’ admits Perdoni.”  { Read the full article via COLORADO SPRINGS INDEPENDENT }

[...and signing to Bar/None.] “Had she not moved to Colorado, Perdoni likely wouldn't have met and befriended the Haunted Windchimes, in whose toolshed she was living when they introduced her to Adam Hawkins. In which case they wouldn't have fallen in love, had a son, gone out on tour, relocated to North Carolina, or signed to the revered indie label that launched the careers of influential artists like They Might Be Giants and Yo La Tengo.”  { Read the full article via COLORADO SPRINGS INDEPENDENT }

[ON TOURING WITH A 2-YEAR-OLD.] “‘It’s like a really intense family vacation,’ Hawkins said. ‘It’s great to be around him all the time.’”  { Read the full article via THE DAILY EGYPTIAN [Carbondale, Illinois] }

[A UNION FOUND IN MUSIC.] “The discussion of playing together was always part of our courtship.”  { Read the full article via THE RED AND BLACK [Athens, Georgia] }

[EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PREMIERE: DON.T.LOOK.SO.SAD] “One thing’s for sure: They don’t look sad. Perdoni and Hawkins’ distant but entangled harmonies, clanging drums and cloudy guitars make us think of fellow shoegazers Yo La Tengo and Beach House. ‘The song was written in the hopeful surge of the album’s themes, wherein wintering depression breaks through to reveal a gentle undercurrent of understanding,” Perdoni adds.  { Read the full article via DIFFUSER.FM }

[Pitchfork contributor Grayson Currin writes:] “Eros finds Adam Hawkins and Kate Perdoni hidden behind a mountain of electronics, turning their sketches of romantic do's-and-don'ts into wonderfully gauzed pop songs, like a minimalist Arcade Fire hovering in a sky of pink clouds.”  { Read the full article via THE INDY (Raleigh, North Carolina) }

[LOVE DRUNK VIDEO.] “Watch Eros and the Eschaton, the latest project from former It’s True! mastermind Adam Hawkins and partner Kate Perdoni, perform in an alley in Benson, with audio and video once again excellently captured by the Love Drunk crew.”  { Read the full article via OMAHYPE (Omaha, Nebraska) }

[ROAD WARRIORS.] “That makes three months on the road for Perdoni, bandmate/soulmate Adam Hawkins, their son, Lio, and dog, Chamero.”  { Read the full article via HEAR NEBRASKA (Omaha, Nebraska) }

[LIVING THE DREAM.] “The two began their music careers together touring as two solo acts in a motor home across America.”  { Read the full article via THE DAILY COLLEGIAN (State College, Pennsylvania) }

[‘LAST SPLASH’ BY WAY OF ‘LOVELESS’] Home Address for Civil War is the warm, delirious product of two creative souls deeply in love, nested away from the rest of the world and finding a collective voice in the process.”  { Read the full article via ALLMUSIC.COM }

[‘MUSICAL DUO FINDS BALANCE TOURING, RAISING FAMILY.’] Psychedelic band Eros and the Eschaton played at PhilaMOCA on September 12. While they did a soundcheck, their son ran and danced around the room, clearly enjoying himself. { Read the full article via The Temple News (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) }

[MAXIMUM AMES MUSIC FESTIVAL] “...heavilly layered with keyboards and guitars that give the music a mellow escapist vibe and dreamlike feeling.” { Read the full article via The Ames Tribune (Ames, Iowa) }

[HA4CW] “Shoegaze in its purest aspect: effects-heavy guitars and persistence of battery create a sonic chaos on which harmonies captivate the ear and attract attention to the image of a throbbing litany.” { Read the full article via Rock Decibles (France) }

[FAMOUS MUSICIANS SHARE MEMORIES OF THE CASSETTE TAPE] “…They’re a huge part of my life. Cassettes were what I grew up on. I would record stories and crap on them when I was 3 and 4 (years old). I had a ‘Really Rosie’ compilation on cassette by Maurice Sendak, and I used to re-enact that in my attic. { Read the full article via The Omaha World Herald }

[DREAMPOP BASEINE] “We started off writing songs when our child was very young, just a couple months old, and a lot of the themes are just about that continuity and deciding how we wanted to raise our family and deciding what’s best for us and our child,” says Perdoni, who plays drums, keys, guitar, and sings. “So the LP really runs the gamut from exploring our relationship, and our love, and our relationship with our son, and our relationship with the world.” { Read the full article via BLURT! Magazine }

[THE MAN AND WOMAN OF DREAM POP] { Read the full article via INDIENATIVE (Japan) }

[WANDERING... BUT TOGETHER] “She explains that when it came to the writing and recording process, the two of them just kind of let things happen: ‘We didn’t have a goal or idea of what we wanted it to sound like.  On an esoteric level, it was just inspired by the thought of Adam and I getting to explore our sonic boundaries.’” { Read the full article via Philthy Magazine }

[ON THE ROAD] “‘I think we both love playing in a band, and we wanted to be loud and ferocious and really explore,” Perdoni said. ‘It's very exciting to me to have a partner who's just as excited about sound and recording.’” { Read the full article via The Omaha World Herald }

[Q&A] “The album was months and months of Adam and I singing guitar riffs to each other in our house, or playing air guitar of some part, or describing what should happen, and the other person would be like, “Yeah, that’s exactly what I was thinking.” It’s so symbiotic for two people who are in a relationship. There’s so much unspoken. The process was absolutely amazing. Someone would come with a chorus, or melody, or drum part, and the other person would just add a little part, or run with it and begin working on the song as a whole. Each song came about differently.” { Read the full article via The OMAHYPE (Omaha, Nebraska) }

[REVIEW] “North Carolina-via-Nebraska duo Kate and Adam apparently packed all of their worldy possessions in a motor home and shot across the country to Greensboro, NC to raise their child an record a record. On HOME ADDRESS FOR….they create a swirling pop dream with obvious nods to MBV (and not unlike current folks like Beach House). The fuzz is maxed out and there’s plenty of gorgeous melodies to be found...” { Read the full article via DAGGER SHORT REVIEWS) }

[TWIST & SHOUT RECORDS.] “Having a reputation for giving a shit will not diminish from your rock and roll-ness.”  { Full interview via TWIST & SHOUT RECORDS Denver }

[SPIN] “A foggy pick-me-up that offsets disembodied vocals and click-clack percussion with waves of guitar distortion, proof the outfit would make great double-date partners with Yo La Tengo.”  { Read the full article via SPIN Magazine }

[GUNSLINGER ATTITUDE] “It sounds like you’re driving down the interstate with one half of your car slammed into the guardrail, still going 85 miles an hour.” { Read the full article via HearNebraska.org }

[VIDEO] “You Know I Do” for Billabong Women’s Fade to White.

[ALBUM REVIEW] “If you ever feel a twinge of sadness while recollecting the beauty of a young love, or the trauma of a foolish heartbreak, then you and Eros and the Eschaton may have something in common. Their debut album, Home Address for Civil War, is a tender, hazy dream full of nostalgic emotion. The fact that the two members of this project are a couple shouldn’t surprising after listening to Home Address for Civil War. It packs an emotional integrity that just can’t be matched.” { Read the full article via Earbuddy }

[SHOEGAZE SHEEN] “A diverse mix of rock and pop with a shoegaze sheen.” { Read the full article via SOUNDS BETTER WITH REVERB }

[WHEN TWO VOICES BECOME ONE] “They brought furniture from inside into an old abandoned barn out back, drank some whiskey and were filmed singing “You Know I Do,” a blissful paean to impermanence and company.” { Read the full article via Yes! Weekly (Greensboro, North Carolina }

[THE EMOTION OF THEIR TIMES] “A monument without identity, geography without boundaries, a blessed union grown stronger through music.” { Read the full article via Selective Memory }

[GREEK GOD OF LOVE] “Kate Perdoni and Adam Hawkins harmonize like champs and there is a synchronicity in their sound that few other bands can match. The softly pulsating synths mixed with the driving guitars blend with the wistful whispering vocals nicely.” { Read the full article via THAT MUSIC MAG }

[ALBUM PREVIEW] “Adam Hawkins and Kate Perdoni had met in Omaha, toured together and even had a son before they joined forces in this musical duo, the first offspring of which is this disc of shoegaze and distortion from the sunny side of the street.” { Read the full article via The Milwaukee Journal }

[ALBUM REVIEW: BEST NEW BANDS] “It's not very often you'll stumble upon a husband and wife musical duo who are so good at their craft you wish you could do the same with your other half. They’re usually those on the it list of legends and already in a league of their own. For example, Yo La Tengo's Ira Kaplan and Georgia Hubley; Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth; and then there's the late Johnny Cash and June Carter, just to name a few. That list will soon see a new entrée. Fellow music freaks, meet Adam Hawkins and Kate Perdoni... Eros and the Eschaton not only managed to produce one of the most significant new shoegaze records in recent years; they have also capture the most important element of music making: It's heart.” { Read the full article via Best New Bands }

[ALBUM PREMIERE] “Frothing with noisy guitar swirls and subtle electronics, their debut album is an amniotic ocean as waves of amorphous melodies sweep you in an undertow. Hyperactive chords roll into Hawkins and Perdoni's soaring timbres before bursting off into a precipice that doesn't end with a bang but an unexpected but welcomed whimper.” { Read the full article via Prefix Magazine }

[ALBUM REVIEW] “The first single off the album, “Heaven Inside,” contains production reminiscent of M83 as it sounds like the band is taking the listener on a stroll through one of Eschaton’s dreams... For a debut album, it is difficult to ask for much more.” { Read the full article via Quip Magazine }

[ALBUM REVIEW] “There are, however, bands that can jack right into a dream-state from the first note and navigate an entire set with admirable agency, building emerald cities of sound and then tearing them down like Leonardo DiCaprio in Inception. Which brings us to the rising North Carolina dream-pop concern Eros And The Eschaton...” { Read the full article via Clicky Clicky Music }

[DREAMWAVY SHOEGAZE EXPERTNESS] “Eros and the Eschaton's bubbling track Heaven Inside captures something close to—if not exactly—all of the ending, emotional scenes of boy-meets-girl movies.” { Read the full article via Impose Magazine }

[BBC] BBC radio 6 Music { Read the full playlist via BBC6 }

[ETHEREAL TRANCE SHOWGAZE] “Their psychedelic and highly listenable songs are perfect for lazy afternoons on low dose hallucinogens... The instrumental build on “Over and Over” is also an album highlight, consisting of a near gothic bass dirge, a melodic keyboard line, and overdriven guitar bends.”  { Read the full article via LadyGunn }

[EVENT] “Duo Eros & the Eschaton's shimmery, swelling psych-pop fits their Terence McKenna-inspired name. Their impressive full-length debut on Bar/None drops August 13.”  { Read the full article via IndyWeek (Durham, North Carolina) }

[MBV AT A CARRIBEAN FIESTA] “Latin shoegaze? Could it be? Here, we have a duo that explores seemingly polar opposite genres and unleashes a real eye-opener of a song. Big drums are channelled left and right, with heavily-reverbed vocals and keys that get both sides of the brain jumping up and down for joy.”  { Read the full article via A Journal of Musical Things }

[RURAL SHOEGAZE] “We’re talking deeply atmospheric, intensely trippy grinding rock that’s not afraid of brash, creative guitar noise.”  { Read the full article via Lazy-i }

[INDIE ROCK PSYCHONAUTS] “McKenna was an articulate advocate and expert on topics such as psychotropic drugs, shamanism, human consciousness, and metaphysics. His influence over Eros and the Eschaton’s debut album, Home Address for Civil War, is evident in the ephemeral dreamscapes that Adam and Kate have crafted with their music.”  { Read the full article via Avant Greensboro }

[HEAVEN INSIDE] “As the story goes, they fell in love, had a baby, and kept touring as separate bands. A while later, they loaded everything into an RV, and hit the road in search of “a beautiful place out in the country to record an album and raise their son”. One story is that their RV broke down in Greensboro. Another is that they chose to make Greensboro their stopping point. Whatever the case may be, this is where they decided to set up their new residence.”  { Read the full article via This is That Song }

[SWOONING SHOEGAZER] “I would’ve been pissed off if this week had passed without discovering this song!”  { Read the full article via Sounds Better With Reverb }

[TODAY’S HOTNESS] “A calm center remains in the form of the duo's airy vocal harmonies, but the remarkably dense musical accompaniment eschews the subdued sound of the band's self-released, 2012 singles and instead throbs with energy while a vast wall of melodic guitar and white-out percussion smear across the fore of the stereo field. The result is one of the most stirring shoegaze tracks of 2013.”  { Read the full article via Sounds Better With Reverb }

[DARK POP] “Something about a band duo who are also a couple makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside, right?  Well dating duo Eros and the Eschaton are just that, evoking some tingly feelings inside with their dark pop music.”  { Read the full article via Austin Town Hall }

[EVERETT TRUE] “There’s a deep sense of companionship within this music. Love shimmering among the frayed guitar leads.”  { Read the full article via Collapse Board }

[THE PLEASURE-ENHANCING MUSIC EXPERIMENT: DAY TWO] { Read the full article via Cha Cha Charming }

[COS PREVIEW] “Despite only being two people, the lovebirds deliver a vibrant outpouring of shoegaze, taking the ceaseless drive of drums and layering on to it boy-girl harmonies and hazy guitar effects. But even amid that chaos, the vocal interplay between Perdoni and Hawkins really draws the ear, an alluring mixture of their voices that sounds as much as they are singing at an audience as they are serenading one another.”  { Read the full article via CONSEQUENCE OF SOUND }

[VIDEO PREMIERE: YOU KNOW I DO] “As a couple and as a band, Katey Sleeveless and Adam Hawkins stand as bravely vulnerable as this old barn — with their hearts open to the humid air. Strong enough and ready to tackle whatever comes.”  { Read the full article via Hear Nebraska }

[NOTHING BUT TIME] “Written by one half for the other half's 31st birthday (Adam Hawkins), Eros and the Eschaton’s Terence McKenna is an ode to where they've been and what they've done.”  { Read the full article via Hear Nebraska }

[20 DIFFERENT DAYS] “Adam Hawkins and Katey Sleeveless met and began making music in 2010, had a baby and went on a 20-state tour in 2011, and are now hunkering down in the southeast working on their first album together. Accompanying this video of recent tour footage is the first (unmastered) recorded track from their upcoming release.”   { Read the full article via HEAR NEBRASKA }

[NIGHT LIGHT] “The opening duo injected romanticism into dreampop forms, resulting in a sort of cloudgaze that ranges from Beach House on a warm day to Jeff Buckley/Ben Gibbard-flavored electric folk.”  { Read the full article via INDY WEEK }

[ALBUM REVIEW] “I am in awe. And these lines keep popping into my head like ‘This is a gem’ and ‘This is the first demo I’ve gotten that hasn’t made me feel like the person on the other end of it isnt or will ever be full of shit. This album feels free and light. And last but not least, I realise that this demo is one of those albums that gets put in your hands and its “The One.”  { Read the full review via GSO Productions }

[SO ENTWINED] “An honest overtly-talented group of true artists, husband-wife duo The Golden Hearts are full of creative spirit and ambient imagery that are nothing short of an atmospheric blessing.”  { Read the full article via Listen Before You Buy }

[DON.T.LOOK.SO.SAD] ”Don’t.Look.So.Sad strips away all the ego and pretension that so many indie groups carry with pride and places airy emotions in the spot light which feel simultaneously concupiscent and yet heedless.”  { Read the full article via Sounds Better With Reverb }

[HOPSCOTCH] “As of this writing, the following statement is the entirety of the bio for the Greensboro-based Eros and the Eschaton: “Met, fell in love, had a baby, went on tour.” You can even hear that baby offer a gurgle at the beginning of one of their recordings.”  { Read the full article via HOPSCOTCH MUSIC FESTIVAL }

From The Denver Post “This [Colorado Springs] act sounds like a slightly different band from song to song, taking cues as it does from the best indie rock, shoegaze and post-punk of the last three decades. The shape-shifting abates a bit on the big-guitar rocker 'The Way I Feel 2Nite' (from new album “Weight of Matter”) as the band goes balls-out in its pursuit of cockeyed melodic bliss. Showers of sparks rain down as serrated guitars scrape against silvery bass and thundering drums, making a commanding argument for the band as the lovechild of Sonic Youth, The Breeders and Mogwai.”


Eros and the Eschaton

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After traveling and filming all over the globe, snowboarder Sage Kotsenburg puts together an edit of all the most epic moments from his series, "The Other Side." Featuring music by Eros and the Eschaton. 

Eros and the Eschaton prepare second Bar/None release The Colorado Springs Independent

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